Jojo Matson

Art is not what you see but what you make others see.

A designer needs to be diverse and flexible. I can tackle any aspect of design, sometimes working long hours, to ensure my designs reach my high level of expectations. Thorough research I find inspiration and make sure I have every aspect correct for each design.

I've dabbled in everything from web design to package design, editorial to flash, and book making to oil painting. If you'd like to know more or would like to contact me, shoot me an e-mail.

Graphic Design

I can work on anything from editorials, web, packaging, wayfinding, apps, and much more. With my design thinking and research skills; I'll solve problems and come to a solution that fits the customers needs.


Take a story and turn it into visual artwork to connection with the viewer unlike any other medium. I am passionate about animated films, stop motion, special effects, and video games.

Videography & Photography

With my GoPro strapped to my head and my camera in hand I climb mountains, explore the outdoors, and travel around the world to capture of my adventures.
Demo Reel


Uhuru is a multi cultural magazine ran by students at Iowa State University. Our staff is composed of volunteers to produce the magazine for free every semester. Our stories cover both global and local, cross culture stories.

I've been the photographer, Photo Director, and Art Director. The Creative Director and I work with the printers, writers, desnigners, and models. The magazines are then delivered, for free, around campus.
Studio 3D


A group of students passionate about animation that work as a mock studio. We each get jobs such as lighting, modeling, etc. and work together for projects.

Collaboratively we create different experiments and tutorials to learn how to animate and work with post production on our own. We aspire to complete a demo video and submit it to different film competitions.


Graphic Design Student Association is a great networking club that brings different designers to ISU. As well as trips to visit firms in cities in the Mid-West

We work to broaden our knowledge of Digital Media technology. We aim to get involved, work as a team and help other clubs on campus develop graphics, websites, and video. Members learn through experiences such as field trips and tours.
Peer Mentor


Through Iowa State University College of Design's freshman design core program I am employed as a peer mentor for a section of 20 students. Any questions the students have about their drawings, portfolio, and any questions about college life. I make a connection with the students to where they feel more comfortable to talk to that the professor. Through the lessons i've learned I can help teach others to make better choices.